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Aug 29, 2016

First Jamba Juice in Triangle to open in Solis Ninth Street this Fall

A new Jamba Juice franchise will soon be joining Ninth Street’s dining scene.

The restaurant chain’s new location will be on the first floor of the Solis Ninth Street apartments and is slated to open before the end of the Fall semester. Liz Hale—who will own and operate the new location with her husband Eric—said their Jamba Juice will offer a variety of drinks and snacks.

“The good thing about Jamba Juice is that we have a huge range, so no matter where you are on your journey to become healthier, we have something for your tastes,” she said.

Although Jamba Juice will primarily feature juices, Hale said there will be other drinks on the menu for customers to enjoy. In addition to fresh juices, she explained, the restaurant will also sell a selection of smoothies composed of ingredients ranging from peanut butter to Greek yogurt.

One of the franchise’s first priorities, Hale said, is to integrate with the Duke community. They plan to reach out to Duke Dining for a partnership in offering special discounts to students, something Hale said she and her husband have used in other college environments.

“Both my husband and I have worked at [Jamba Juices] in college towns before, and one of the best things you can do is celebrate when they’re celebrating,” Hale said. “So finals week discounts and winning game day discounts, we want you to come in and celebrate with us.”

Hale said that she decided to open the new location on Ninth Street after a visit with her husband, where they appreciated the area’s proximity to campus and its “hopping” atmosphere. When the franchise opens, it will be the only Jamba Juice in the Triangle area.

Students, however, were divided on how much Jamba Juice could contribute to the dining experience. The franchise will be joining many other new restaurants, including a Waffle House and a Poké eatery called ZenFish, on Ninth Street.

Sophomore Leah Yao said the restaurant would not contribute much to the dining options already available.

“Duke students are provided with a plethora including the recently opened cafe in West Union and Red Mango and Trinity Cafe and Quenchers,” she explained. “The addition of Jamba Juice wouldn’t really add anything to the Durham area.”

On the other hand, sophomore Kanav Chhabra said a trip to Jamba Juice will be a welcome addition.

“I believe Jamba Juice provides a refreshing experience beyond what other West Union places will provide,” he said. “If upperclassman are looking for a healthy treat, they’ll make the trip.”

The Hales, however, want their installment to be more than just a juice bar, preferring instead a fun and refreshing community atmosphere. In addition to indoor and outdoor seating, Hale said that she and her husband also plan to use noise-reducing blenders, helping to make the location less noisy.

“We’ll have Wi-Fi and benches and tables that will hopefully foster some group atmosphere happening at our store,” she said.